Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Family Fun - 31 January 2010

It has been a wonderful January spending time with family and friends!! We had Ryan and Tiffanie and their family and Michele and Kenny and their family and Gavin and Kara with us to spend New Years Eve and Day with us!! Kamron, Calista, Easton, Jaxon, Tiffanie and Ryan just relaxing! Ryan had a terrible staph infection and couldn't work so they were able to come and spend some time with us!

After ice skating most of the evening on New Years Eve, it was time to relax and play some games!! Bridget, Michaela, Michele, Taryn, Kenny, Kara, Gavin, Parker and Kamron.

We spent most of the month of January ice skating with family, friends and much of the ward!!This is a picture of our ice sheet!! We think this was one of the best years for the ice. Roy really worked hard on it each night watering it down and it really paid off!We couldn't believe how good the weather was this year!! We were able to have cold weather for a month which made the ice really good for skating!

On Martin Luther King Day, Michele brought her family up to go skating one last time!
Gavin and Parker getting ready to play hockey!The hockey game is on and Parker is going for the puck!!Michele and Michaela out on the ice. Michaela became quite the hockey player!!
Roy out playing his last game of hockey with the kids!Michele and Parker out on the ice.
Ainsley was a real trooper out on the ice and got pretty good at skating!!

Chris and Melissa and their kids and Nancy all came that same day to skate!! Everyone seemed to have a good time! WE sure have enjoyed the ice this year! And it turned out to be the last day for skating!!
We've had a bunch of snow this year and it still keeps snowing!! This was such a beautiful sight!Here is another beautiful picture of our back yard taken from the kitchen window.
We've also had a lot of ice sickles on our house. The one right next to the front door was most interesting because it went clear to the ground!! It has been a wonderful January and it's been so fun to be home with our family!! We can hardly wait for February!!

Anne and Roy

Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Update - 10 January 2010

We had a wonderful December!! We were surrounded with family and friends and it was great!!

The first weekend in December we spent in Salt Lake City seeing the lights on Temple Square. It was beautiful!! Gavin and Kara went down with us and Grandma. We met Michele and Kenny and their family and Megan and her kids. We had a great time!

Here is some of the family: Grandma Welling, Parker, Gavin, Taryn, Michele, Anne, Drista and Roy. The lights were so beautiful!!

Anne and Roy with the temple in the background. It wasn't nearly as cold as Kazakhstan!
The Salt Lake Temple - taken from the plaza.

A much closer picture of the Salt Lake Temple. It was so beautiful!!

We went to the top of the Joseph Smith Building and took this picture!

Here are some of our family: Gavin, Michele, Michaela, Taryn, Kenny, Drista, Roy, Ainsley, Grandma and Parker.

It was wonderful to be able to see the lights on Temple Square this year.

The next weekend we went to Gavin's graduating from Utah State University! We are so proud of you, Gavin!! Way to go!!
After graduation, Roy, Kara, Gavin and Anne!! We were going to take pictures outside, but there was a snow storm out there!! We had a great time and Megan and her girls and Michele and her three youngest were able to come!!

Christmas was a little different this year. We called it a Senior Citizen's Christmas!! My parents were there, along with Grandma Welling!! We had a pretty low-key day but we had fun!!On the 26th day of December, we had the Nicholas Christmas Party here in Fielding at the Town Hall. Grandma and Grandpa Nicholas are in the background visiting with family. Trevor Tustison is busily reading a book!

Bridget, Drace and Michaela having fun at the party.
After the party, we invited everyone here to ice skate on our ice sheet! Ainsley Kingsford is trying out here new skates and Parker Kingsford is playing hockey. Anne, Melissa, Kara and Nancy enjoying the cold and watching the ice skaters!

Ainsley, Bridget and Taryn Kingsford enjoying the ice!!
Drace and Megan Ricord out having fun on the ice!! We were so proud of all of the kids who stayed with the ice skating. Some of them got pretty good!

It has been a very enjoyable December! The thing we loved the most is being with family again. We missed that so much in Kazakhstan!! It was good to have family get-togethers in our home again!

We hope your holidays were also wonderful!
Roy and Anne