Sunday, December 13, 2009

November Update - 13 December 2009

Well, it's half way through the month of December, so I had better fill all of you in on what happened in November.

We have had a very busy month, but it is a good kind of busy because we have been able to be with family. So it has been wonderful!!

First of all we decided that we needed a bigger room for all of our family to congregate in, so we decided to knock out a couple of walls in the basement.This picture shows the absence of the two walls that we knocked out--from the post to the wall on the left and the post to the wall on the right. (The opening between the two rooms was between the two posts.
Because it is a bearing wall, we needed to put in a steel beam to hold up the house. Roy spent a lot of sleepless nights and talked to a few people before he decided it was good to go!!
Gavin was part of the crew that helped with the beam!! Roy and Gavin helping put the steel beam up on the two steel posts at each end!! It was a good job to have done!!Now you can see how the steel beam overhead sits on the steel posts at each end. And look how big the room is!! Here they are putting in the new carpet! Roy built two cabinets on each side of the far room for toys and games and such! It's great!!This is how the basement looks now! We have a family room now that we can all fit it. Roy has done a great job with the building of the cabinets and doing all the finish work. That's our Christmas for this year and we just love it!!

Just before Thanksgiving we went to Zillah, Washington for the funeral of Uncle Judd. I was able to get a picture of the sisters that were there-- Aunt Shirley, Aunt Beth, Aunt Kathryn and Mother. Being at the funeral was such a spiritual experience for each of us and we were so glad that we were able to attend.

After the funeral they had such a wonderful dinner for the family and we were able to visit with all of the Allsops. It was so good to see all of them again!! At the table is Aunt Kathryn, Mother and Dad. Standing are Uncle Ross and Aunt Jo and Sharon Day.

We were so glad that we have been able to visit Uncle Judd and Aunt Kathryn on our way to visit Aaron and Kim. We will surely miss those wonderful times we had with them!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family here. Aaron and Kim and their family were able to make it down from Washington, along with Kenny and Michele and their family. Clint and Megan's family came too, and also Gavin and Kara. We had quite a group and we loved every minute of it. We missed the Wellings and the Woods!! Grandpa and Grandma Nicholas were also here along with Grandma Welling. We had about 18 pies for the group, which we ate all weekend!!After dinner we all sacked out on the couch!! Grandpa (asleep) and Grandma Nicholas, Anne (asleep) and Kara. It was a wonderful weekend!! We are so grateful for all of the wonderful blessings we have received this year!! It is good to have family around us again!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Fall Fun and Frolics!! - 1 November 2009

We have been so busy doing family things that I haven't had the time to keep up the blog, but I'll try to do better!!

In September we took a trip to Oregon and Washington. We left Grandma Welling with Debbie in Oregon while we traveled on up to Richland, Washington to see Aaron and Kim and their family.
They are all doing well! We had such a great time with the grandchildren, Gabriela, Everett, Daniel and Madeline!! We hope to see them at Thanksgiving!

Before we left Washington, we stopped in to see Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Judd!! They are as wonderful as ever and we had such a fun time with them. They gave us 3 and a half bushels of pears, some peaches and apples which we have really enjoyed!! We love our visits with them and look forward to seeing them each year.

We had a wonderful visit with Bill and Debbie in Prineville, Oregon They always show us a good time when we come. Grandma had a break from us, too, which is always nice.

On the way home we stopped in to see Ryan and Tiffanie in Meridian, Idaho. While we were there, we celebrated Calista's birthday. Here she is opening the quilt Grandma Welling made for her and Kamron is helping.Ryan, Tiffanie, Easton, Jaxon and Calista. (Kamron was somewhere else!)
Aren't they just the cutest family!!

In October, we were invited to Adelaide's 1st birthday.
She had fun blowing out the candle on her Elmo cake.
Drace, Bridget, Ainsley,Drista and Taryn having fun together at the party!

We also were able to attend the Nicholas Halloween Party! Ellen and Boyd did a great job and everyone had a good time especially the kids!!

Samantha, Hazel and Oliver - Grandma Welling, Anne and Roy Welling in our "Crayola" costumes.Megan and her girls, Adelaide, Drista and Drace, are all dressed up for the Halloween Party!! Gavin (in the background) dressed as a BYU fan!!

Michele (Mrs. Smartie Pants) and girls, Ainsley, Michaela, Taryn, and Bridget, are ready for some fun, too.
Jason and son, Isaac, are ready for the rodeo!!
Seth, dressed as Hagrid (doesn't he look amazing!!) and his mom, Elaine.
Nancy came to the party as a "Killer Bee"!! And last, but not least, we have Kilun, Chaetun, Brekan, and Zadun dressed in adorable costumes.

A good time was had by all!! Thanks again, Ellen and Boyd and family!!

Well, that's been it for the last couple of months. Right now we are doing a remodeling job and we'll see how that goes. We hope to be done by Thanksgiving!!

Anne and Roy

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots of Fun Get-Togethers for August - 31 August 2009

The first weekend in August, Grace and Jim invited us to their home for a barbecue!! We had a great time visiting with family!! We had brisket, ribs and chicken and wonderful salads, desserts and breads!! Thanks, Jim and Grace, for a fun evening!!

Jessica Nicholas, Grace, Mark and Tawnya having a good visit!!

Enjoying the food!! Elaine Jensen, Bart Jensen, Grandma Welling and Dad and Mom. Thanks again to Jim and Grace for the great get-together!!

The first weekend in August we went to Mount Pleasant for our Couples Reunion. We had a wonderful time!! Thanks, Ellen, for all the fun games and activities that we participated in! Floyd and Elaine Jensen, Dad and Mom, Anne, Grandma Welling (front row). In the back row we have, Ellen and Boyd Cook, Grace and Jim Tustison, Nancy Baker, Mark and Carole Nicholas and Roy! Our reunions are so much fun and we want to thank Kevin and Kathy Bell for the use of their cabin!! Here we are seeing the sights in Mount Pleasant - Dad, Anne and Carole Nicholas!We also were able to attend church in Mount Pleasant! One last picture before leaving!! Roy, Grace, Nancy, Grandma Welling, Mark, Dad and Mom, Floyd and Elaine, Anne, Jim, Boyd and Ellen. Thanks again, Ellen, for all of your hard work!! What a great family we have!!

Towards the end of August (22nd) some of our family got together to do the project of freezing corn and what an undertaking it was!! Gavin and Kara, Kenny and Michele's family, Megan and Clint's family, Chris and Melissa and their boys, Nancy, Dad and Mom, Grandma Welling and us were all the participants!!

We started at 6:30 a.m. to shuck the corn!! The crew did a great job!! It consisted of Gavin, Grandma Welling, Parker, Chaetun, Xadun, Melissa, Michaela, Drista and Ainsley. Bridget, Nancy, Kenny, and Dad are out workng there somewhere!!
Dad did a great job shucking corn and we really appreciated all of his hard work!

The crew in the kitchen consisted of Kara, Nancy (at the sink), Anne, and Michele bagging corn. Megan is in there somewhere keeping the correct time on all the pots of water!! We ended up doing 237 bags of corn out of 100 dozen!!! We were actually done by 2:00 p.m. which I thought was pretty good!!

Feeding the cows the corn husks - Michaela, Brecken, Ainsley, Xadun, Chaetun, Drace, Drista, Kara (standing), and Megan. Taryn is in the front!!Roy is feeding the cattle as they follow behind the pickup! This was a real treat for all the kids to see!! It was a big job, but with all of the family helping out, we accomplished quite a bit in a short time!! It is a good job to have finished.

This last weekend my roommates from college got together at the Zaugg's cabin up in the Uintahs.

Friends Forever!!!! Terry Fillmore, Carolyn Zaugg, Judy Angell, Glo Greenhagen and Anne Welling. (Mary Larsen lives in Indiana and wasn't able to make it!)

The Guys!! Harold Fillmore, Roy Welling, Mark Zaugg and Jerry Greenhagen!!

Mark and Carolyn Zaugg, Judy Angell, Harold and Terry Fillmore, Roy and Anne Welling, and Jerry and Glo Greenhagen. What a wonderful time we had laughing, crying and eating and more of the same!! It was just great to reminisce about old times!! We are all such wonderful friends and decided not to wait 40 years until the next time we get together!!!! Thanks again to the Zauggs for the cabin and all of the wonderful food!!

It's been a great August! I also had the wonderful opportunity to take a couple of trips with some ladies in our ward to go to the Salt Lake, Draper and Manti Temples. We had such a great time and I hope to be able to do it again!!

It looks like September will be just as busy!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Busy Last Two Months!!! - 17 August 2009

I can't believe how busy we have been since we got back from Kazakhstan, but I'll try to catch you up on what is happening with us!!!

We had our homecoming the end of June and had many of our friends and family with us!! It was so much fun to see everyone!!

We also had a wonderful 4th of July Celebration with the Welling Family!
In the evening, all the adults and children looked forward to the fireworks! Parker, our oldest grandson and his Uncle Aaron, our oldest son, are trying to figure out which fireworks to light first!!
Gavin, our youngest son, lighting sparklers for Michaela, Bridget and Everett!! What a fun time we had that day celebrating our nations Birthday!!
Craig Vincent invited us to his home in Salt Lake to see Sister Ieera Kabdigaliev, from the Almaty Branch, and wish her well as she enters the MTC to serve in the Rostov Russia Mission. Craig Vincent (the tall one), Chuck and Karen Ball (the couple we replaced in Astana) and Grant and Ruth Radmall (who the Balls replaced in Almaty) and Sister Ieera Kabdigaliev. It was wonderful to see everyone again!

Craig Vincent and his wife served as the Leadership Couple in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We grew to love them so much!! They took care of us each time we flew to Almaty for business or Zone Conferences!! Our hearts go out to Craig because his wife, Pat, suddenly died of heart failure the first part of July. It was such a shock to all of us!! They had just been home 90 days from Kazakhstan when it happened. We will miss her very much!!
We also had the opportunity to go to the Open House of the Oquirrah Hills Temple with our whole family! We were so impressed with the beauty of the temple and the grandchildren enjoyed it, too! Afterwards, we had family pictures taken at Wheeler Farms.
The Roy Welling Family

Our Adorable Grandchildren

Our Wonderful Children and Their Spouses

Also in July, we went to the Wight Family Reunion up at Beaver Mountain Ski Lodge for 4 days. We had a great time there playing games and visiting with family. Here Parker is playing the Frozen T-Shirt game!! What a blast!!

On the 19th of July we were invited to Ainsley's Birthday celebration! We even took all 3 grandparents with us. It was fun to see some of the grandchildren again!! It's always a treat to be with family and we love the get-togethers!! Bridget, Taryn, Drista and Drace are watching Ainsley blow out her candles!!
Toward the end of July, we took a road trip to San Diego for our neice's wedding!!

After arriving in San Diego, we met up with LeAnne and Dave's family!! It was fun to be with them again. Here we are on the pier watching the waves come in!! Truman, LeAnne, Newell, Dave, Fielding, Landon, Gavin, Grandma Welling and Anne.

The day before the wedding, we spent the day sight seeing! We went out on boat-like-vehicle to see the seals! Roy, Anne, Grandma Welling, Kara and Gavin. We had a great time!! Grandma loved it!

It was fun to see all of the seals out sun bathing!! Being out on the water and seeing all of the security boats was really interesting too!!
We attended Lacey and Brad's wedding in the San Diego Temple! It was a wonderful experience because we had never been there before and it is such a beautiful temple!!
We took this picture on the temple grounds of the San Diego Temple!! It is so incredibly beautiful and white!! We are so glad that we took the time to go!! Thanks to Gavin and Kara for offering to go with us! It made for a wonderful road trip!!
Well that's about it for the last two months! It has really been a busy one but enjoyable, never the less!!