Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Fall Fun and Frolics!! - 1 November 2009

We have been so busy doing family things that I haven't had the time to keep up the blog, but I'll try to do better!!

In September we took a trip to Oregon and Washington. We left Grandma Welling with Debbie in Oregon while we traveled on up to Richland, Washington to see Aaron and Kim and their family.
They are all doing well! We had such a great time with the grandchildren, Gabriela, Everett, Daniel and Madeline!! We hope to see them at Thanksgiving!

Before we left Washington, we stopped in to see Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Judd!! They are as wonderful as ever and we had such a fun time with them. They gave us 3 and a half bushels of pears, some peaches and apples which we have really enjoyed!! We love our visits with them and look forward to seeing them each year.

We had a wonderful visit with Bill and Debbie in Prineville, Oregon They always show us a good time when we come. Grandma had a break from us, too, which is always nice.

On the way home we stopped in to see Ryan and Tiffanie in Meridian, Idaho. While we were there, we celebrated Calista's birthday. Here she is opening the quilt Grandma Welling made for her and Kamron is helping.Ryan, Tiffanie, Easton, Jaxon and Calista. (Kamron was somewhere else!)
Aren't they just the cutest family!!

In October, we were invited to Adelaide's 1st birthday.
She had fun blowing out the candle on her Elmo cake.
Drace, Bridget, Ainsley,Drista and Taryn having fun together at the party!

We also were able to attend the Nicholas Halloween Party! Ellen and Boyd did a great job and everyone had a good time especially the kids!!

Samantha, Hazel and Oliver - Grandma Welling, Anne and Roy Welling in our "Crayola" costumes.Megan and her girls, Adelaide, Drista and Drace, are all dressed up for the Halloween Party!! Gavin (in the background) dressed as a BYU fan!!

Michele (Mrs. Smartie Pants) and girls, Ainsley, Michaela, Taryn, and Bridget, are ready for some fun, too.
Jason and son, Isaac, are ready for the rodeo!!
Seth, dressed as Hagrid (doesn't he look amazing!!) and his mom, Elaine.
Nancy came to the party as a "Killer Bee"!! And last, but not least, we have Kilun, Chaetun, Brekan, and Zadun dressed in adorable costumes.

A good time was had by all!! Thanks again, Ellen and Boyd and family!!

Well, that's been it for the last couple of months. Right now we are doing a remodeling job and we'll see how that goes. We hope to be done by Thanksgiving!!

Anne and Roy